The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™


(NOT a Pilates based program and therefore open to everyone)

Diastasis Recti Pilates Instructor Program, C-Section Pilates Teacher Program, Diastasis Recti Pilates InformationDiastasis Recti is a condition that has been around for a long time but has only gained recognition recently as more and more pregnant and post partum women are asking the question “What is WRONG with my tummy?” Although diastasis can happen during a pregnancy and/or during the birthing process itself, it is by no means exclusive to this group. Men and children may also suffer from this condition.

Diastasis Recti  may occur during excessive abdominal exercise and incorrect recruitment of the abdominal muscles whenever exertion is placed on the torso, such as in heavy lifting. Understanding the role of the abdominals during pregnancy and how to maintain their integrity is an essential part of the pregnant woman’s Fitness, Pilates, Yoga or any other exercise routine.

Instructors from all disciplines and their clients will benefit from educating themselves on this condition and how exercise affects it.

Duration 6 hours 

Description of course

This program will instruct the experienced Pilates/Fitness/Yoga/ Movement Teacher in how to apply simple  exercises to clients who present with diastasis recti. The program utilizes different myofascial release techniques and introduces innovative exercises on the mat  geared towards the recovery of the client with this condition.

Course objectives

• To learn about what diastasis recti is, how it occurs and how to facilitate recovery.
• To understand the effects of exercise before, during and after a diastasis recti.
• To understand how to prevent it from occurring.
• To learn application of simple exercises to aid in the recovery of this condition.

Course outline

Hour 1- What is a diastasis and how does it occur?
Hour 2- Understanding the role of fascia in this condition.
Hour 3- Developing a formula of rehabilitation techniques to include fascial release, breathing and specific exercises.
Hour 4- Learning to check for diastasis recti.
Hour 5- Learning the “recovery” formula
Hour 6- Practical session- learning the exercises.


Price: $350.00 (Early Bird $325)    Manual Included


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