alisandra khairuddin

Aly Khairuddin





Prior to discovering Pilates, Aly was an oil trader, oil broker, head hunter and finally she realised that the corporate life was not for her. She got her first Pilates certification with the Center For Women’s Fitness (USA) and later, Stott Pilates and Pilates Academy International.

Aly had always dreamt of owning her own space so she could focus on what women needed. She delivered two babies via cesarean section, has had weight gains and losses, and a bad cupcake addiction (red velvet!). So she gets what women are going through with pregnancy, post-natal and weight issues.

Then in October 2015 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now a proud Breast Cancer Warrior, chemotherapy and many surgeries left her with weaknesses and severe limited range of motion. Pilates and strength training are part of her ongoing daily rehabilitation. Also, the treatment has also thrown her into early menopause so now she gets what a hot flush feels like!

Apart from being a certified Pilates instructor (Stott, PAI) she’s also on the Faculty of the Center for Women’s Fitness, a Core Barre instructor, a breast cancer specialist, women’s health specialist (diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, pubis symphysis, menopause) , scoliosis specialist, a Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition (Canada) and a Certified Online Trainer with The Online Trainer Academy.

She lives in Singapore with her husband, two daughters, two fat fluffy cats and an old loyal dog. Her passion includes cooking and whips up fresh pasta in no time at all!

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