Jenna Zaffino

Jenna Zaffino


Chicago, IL



Born into a family of educators and entrepreneurs, Jenna’s spark for teaching movement was ignited with her dance career and continues to burn brightly in her role as a Pilates professional. Jenna received her formal Pilates training through Movement Education LLC as well as The Ron Fletcher Program of Study and has developed her expertise through attending countless continuing education courses. As a Fletcher Pilates® Faculty Member, Arcus™ Educator and a regular visiting instructor on Pilates Anytime, Jenna parlays 15 years of experience into her personal brand of presenting to offer relevant, inviting and inspiring courses like Safe Support For Clients With An Infertility Diagnosis and Teach Happy! This year, through embracing her unique gifts as an educator and speaker, this “Pilates Unicorn” steps forward to offer a series of online continuing education courses as well as the first podcast of it’s kind, Pilates Unfiltered. Jenna lives in Chicago with her husband Josh, her 2-year-old son Jaxon, and her dynamo-Pilates-dog, Horatio.

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