Sook Fun Chen

Sook Fun Chen



Sook Fun moved to Bali in 2012 and brings with her a unique combination of movement and bodywork to her loyal clients here on the Island of the Gods. 16 years of being in the physical fitness and well-being world, she accumulates extensive knowledge of anatomy, Pilates, Gyrotonic and Rolfing, and has helped many of her clients exceed their expectation from peak fitness to healing of chronic injuries.

Sook Fun has been a movement enthusiast since she was 10. Her first love was dance and she danced professionally for many years in Malaysia, Singapore, and China before she embarked onto her Pilates journey.

When Sook Fun discovered Pilates in 2000, not only did she fine tune the most effective way to prevent injuries and to achieve the necessary strength, flexibility, and precision that vigorous dance training and performances requires, she became certified in Pilates in 2001, GYROTONIC® in 2007 and Rolfing® Structural Integration in 2012. Sook Fun’s impressive resume has earned her many job contracts as an instructor with top dance and Pilates studios in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Canada.

Sook Fun has trained many clients from all walks of life from business professionals, athletes, dancers, seniors to pre-natal and post-natal mom, and she has done many cross references with medical doctors and physical therapists in helping her clients with pain management and injury rehabilitation.

Sook Fun is an intuitive teacher and bodywork practitioner and she continues to study to maintain her high standard of service and commitment to her clients. Her passionate goal for each individual who comes to her studio is to guide them toward a pain free, fit life that she believes we all desire and deserve.