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March 31, 2016

By andersonenvy

The Center Method™ for Diastasis Recti – Online Course

The Center Method for Diastasis Rec Recovery™ offers a highly successful program that investigates the history and epidemic of this condition. This program has been researched and applied for over 15 years and is aimed at all populations – postnatal women, weightlifters, elite athletes and young adults. Our formula for success includes incorporating fascia, bones and muscles in the healing process.

The program offers a series of deep stabilizing exercises with progressions that will allow you to progress towards your regular exercise program, if that is your goal. The deep understanding of the working of your body will ensure the prevention of a recurrence of this condition.

This course requires a Myofascial Release Ball and a Soft Gym Ball.

Support Your Floor™ – Online Course


  • 7 Lecture Videos
  • Practical Exercises
  • Downloadable Manual


The Center’s Pelvic Floor 6 hour course is a prerequisite for all of the courses in our curriculum. We base our courses on the movement of the pelvis and how it affects the rest of the female body. We will also look at the pelvic floor from a healthy stand- point rather than a problematic one. This course will offer an in depth look at the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor, its application to movement and the breath and will discuss the reasons for dysfunction and how many of these problems can be prevented. Our approach contains both the scientific evidenced based research and the more holistic viewpoint of this most intimate part of the female body.

This course requires a Myofascial Release Ball.

Rocking to Release™ Basic Sequence – Online Course

This course will take the instructor or client through a series of body positions combined with rocking movement that will activate the body’s innate sense of fascial and muscular release as well as incorporate bone rhythms. No props are used in this course which is designed to systematically release the body. The movements are easily integrated within any Pilates, Yoga or Fitness class. Standing work. Sitting work. Supine work. Assisted work. All practical sequences utilize a myriad of bones, muscles and fascia at one and the same time. The practical sessions will take you through a series of sequences in various body positions designed to encourage muscular and fascial release throughout the body. The practical sessions will teach you pace, breathing, focus and relaxation to further enhance the release of the body. All practical sequences are designed to be integrated within your current workout session.

1-Hour Skype Session with Carolyne Anthony

Get some personal time with Carolyne! Personal consultations are a great way to get the answers you need, brush up on technique, or troubleshoot a particular situation.