March 01, 2024 - March 03, 2024

Take women’s health workshops taught by Carolyne Anthony at the Asia Pilates Summit

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Carolyne Anthony will be presenting several workshops at the 2nd Asia Pilates Summit in Singapore from 1st to 3rd March 2024:

How to contain your Hypermobile Body

Hypermobile clients face many challenges during their Pilates session. This workshop will offer you some information on recognizing the issues this population faces and how to successfully train your client to maximize the benefits of Pilates.

Teachers will learn how to:

  • Add resistance to help contain the hypermobile body.
  • Use myofascial release as a tool to combat tightness.
  • Use pace and flow to prevent injuries.

Women’s Health Movement Continuum

A woman has one body that goes through many natural changes from pregnancy through menopause. Rather than building programs that concentrate on just one of the life stages, we will look at how Pilates can be utilized to design programs that look at the complete picture from how the female pelvis outward.

Teachers will learn how to:

  • Build a foundation of Pilates exercises that will address the needs of the female anatomy and physiology.
  • Understand the why behind the selection of exercises.
  • Learn how to make subtle changes to the Pilates repertoire to suit the female body through any stage of her life.

Building Exteroceptive and Interoceptive Awareness through Myofascial Release Techniques

We will look at how using exteroceptive stimuli- be it props such as balls or just the body can aid in building the interoceptive awareness of the client helping them sensitize areas of their body for optimal outcomes in their exercise routines.

Teachers will learn how to:

  • Build their interoceptive awareness through the use of exteroceptive stimuli such as pressure, props, movement and breath.
  • Understand the role of the autonomic nervous system and muscle/fascia tone.
  • Understand the role of the breath, sequencing and flow.

Event Details

Start date: March 01, 2024

End date: March 03, 2024

Directions: RELC International Hotel, located at Orchard, in Singapore

Asia Pilates Summit in Singapore