Rocking and Rolling to Release™- Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

October 26, 2024

Taught by Faculty



Course Description

This course is the introductory level to our myofascial release techniques. It uses functional movement with or without the gentle pressure of small balls, to release fascial restrictions. This non-aggressive hands-off approach to release, trains you to be able to offer your client the ability to achieve a tension free body in the quiet of their own space.

The program is divided into sequences with the body placed in specific positions to facilitate mobility, stability and release when integrated with breath work and gentle rocking movement. These sequences are easily integrated into your sessions, allowing the client to experience release along with strengthening the body. The fast acting techniques are easy to learn and simple to implement.

The rocking movements move the body with rhythmical breath and gentle rocking to facilitate release. Each rocking sequence can be made more dynamic with stronger movements and a more forceful breath; however, all movements are created without tension, with no alignment cues to follow and no forced range of motion required. This is a starting point for your clients’ body to take the lead in unwinding the restriction. Using breath, pace and flow, we will endeavor to activate the body’s innate sense of moving freely through space.

The rolling is designed to utilize the pressure of balls to facilitate release. The balls are placed in specific positions and functional, rocking movement is created to aid in release. The balls used in this course have different textures. One is semi hard and the other is a soft inflatable ball. Throughout the program these balls can be used interchangeably to offer pressure, support and movement.

Continuing education credits

8 NPCP– National Pilates Certification Program
.6 ACE– American Council on Exercise
3.5 PAA– Pilates Alliance Australasia

Course Objectives

You will gain a deeper understanding and application of:

  • How fascial web works in conjunction with the muscles and bones to create movement.
  • How to release fascial restrictions through movement sequences and positions and gentle pressure.
  • How to create tension free movement with breath and its effect on the fascial system.
  • How rocking facilitates release.
  • How to use the set sequences as a guideline towards unwinding restrictions.
  • How the sequences progress to release restrictions through the whole body.

Course Outline


  • The evolution of this course.
  • Overview of John F. Barnes philosophy of myofascial release.
  • Primal movement- circles, spirals and oppositional movement.
  • The difference between muscle activation and joint movement and tension free movement in creating release.
  • The ability of release work to align and strengthen the body.


  • Central Nervous System Regulation
  • Exteroceptive Stimuli using Myofascial Release Balls
  • Interoceptive Awareness using Primal Movement
  • Supine work
  • Sidelying work
  • Prone work
  • Standing work

Event Details

Oct 26th - Nov 4th: Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist Certification

26th October - Rocking and Rolling to Release
27th October - Support your Floor
2nd November - Pre and post natal theory and Mat
3rd November - Pre and postnatal equipment
4th November  - The Center Method for Diastasis Recti recovery

Date: October 26, 2024

Start time: 10:00 a.m. UTC+08

End time: 06:00 p.m. UTC+08

Venue: B-Align Pilates Studio

Directions: A2-3-3, Solaris Dutamas 1, Jalan Dutamas1 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor 50480 Malaysia

Phone: 03-62078929

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Rocking and Rolling to Release™- Kuala Lumpur Malaysia