A licensed Teacher Training Program through The Center for Women’s Fitness, The Gentle Birth ProjectTM is an innovative, module-based program designed exclusively for professionals working in the field of pre and postnatal wellness. Using evidence-based medicine standards of practice, alongside integrative natural methods, the program examines an alternative and holistic approach to health care for pregnant and postpartum clients.

The Project

Aspiring practitioners partake in a multi-faceted training that takes place over several days. There are five (5) mandatory modules, and each can be taken consecutively or separately over the course of several weekends to fit into your schedule.

You will be awarded a Practitioner of The Gentle Birth ProjectTM upon completion of the program.

Program Elements

Module 1: Support your Floor™
Pelvic Floor Health Participants  explore the anatomy, physiology, function, and dysfunction of the pelvic floor during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Topics include: pelvic assessment, symphysis pubis derangement, sacroiliac joint pain, risk factors, and movement considerations.

Module 2: Progressive Exercises for the Pre- and Post-Partum Cleint
Utilizing props and a non-traditional mat repertoire, participants will learn to design a safe exercise regime aimed at supporting the  growing, changing body along with movement that prepares the body for a natural birth.

Module 3: The Art of Massage and Binding  
Explore traditional Malaysian practices of postpartum care, known as the Confinement Period. This one-of-a kind workshop introduces key practices of Asian cultures (Chinese medicine, diet, herbs, massages, belly binding), and adapts those principles to the modern world to help  mothers revitalize their mind and body.

Module 4: The Positive Power of Nutrition
This program is  designed to help Practitioners to be a better support to clients through understanding the changing needs of the pregnant and       postpartum client for ideal nutrition and eating patterns. It discusses body compositions and needs, areas of concern and  choice   of eating patterns during pregnancy, the best nutrition for breastfeeding and healing postpartum and the various traditional practices around the world still in use today.

Module 5: The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™ (Optional)
This rehabilitative workshop delves into conditions like pubic symphysis derangement and Diastasis Recti. The program offers a series of stabilizing exercises with progressions allowing you to guide your clients towards prevention or a recurrence. Click here to learn more