The Center for Women’s Fitness is committed to the education and empowerment of women through every stage of their lives

Our women’s fitness programs are designed for women from the ground up. We teach from the female anatomy and physiology, the feminine psyche and include all the subtle bodies – the emotional, mental and spiritual that have an impact on the physical. We understand the different needs of the woman as she exercises through pregnancy, postnatal, menopause and the later years of her life and how these changes affect her women’s fitness needs and goals.


We are proud to offer several of our courses online, so that you can learn alongside our team of international pilates and women’s health instructors from the comfort of your home at your own pace.

The Center Method™ for Diastasis Recti – Online Course

The Center Method for Diastasis Rec Recovery™ offers a highly successful program that investigates the history and epidemic of this condition. This program has been researched and applied for over 15 years and is aimed at all populations – postnatal women, weightlifters, elite athletes and young adults. Our formula for success includes incorporating fascia, bones and muscles in the healing process.

The program offers a series of deep stabilizing exercises with progressions that will allow you to progress towards your regular exercise program, if that is your goal. The deep understanding of the working of your body will ensure the prevention of a recurrence of this condition.

This course requires a Myofascial Release Ball and a Soft Gym Ball.

Support Your Floor™ – Online Course

The Center’s Pelvic Floor 6 hour course is a prerequisite for all of the courses in our curriculum. We base our courses on the movement of the pelvis and how it affects the rest of the female body. We will also look at the pelvic floor from a healthy stand- point rather than a problematic one. This course will offer an in depth look at the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor, its application to movement and the breath and will discuss the reasons for dysfunction and how many of these problems can be prevented. Our approach contains both the scientific evidenced based research and the more holistic viewpoint of this most intimate part of the female body.

This course requires a Myofascial Release Ball.

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What our clients are saying about us:

  • “It was a privilege to have taken the course with you. Already, I have used the cueing methods on 2 clients. I have also taken the initiative to ask one of my post-natal client today about her birthing journey and she was so open and excited to share with me. It struck me that usually nobody asks them about it as more attention is focused on the baby.”

    Gemahl, Singapore
  • “THANK YOU for this awe inspiring experience.  I can confidently say that I feel and see a marked difference in my physical being in less than a week.  That renewed awareness of and connection to the pelvic floor is certainly a game changer for me.”

    Nadine, Jamaica
  • “Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I walked away with a new perspective on working the pelvic floor in myself and my clients.”

    Eileen, Chicago
  • “Thanks again for the fantastic information. The combination of anatomical information coupled with psychological and emotional antidotes from you and all the other participants made for a very powerful, possibly life changing, three days.”

    Charles, Paris
  • “Carolyne Anthony has been one of my main mentors in Women’s Health since my Pilates Teacher training. She has amazing knowledge on women’s health and continues to grow and develop her research. I love her great attention to detail.”

    Michele, Australia
  • “I would highly recommend Carolyne’s courses to any instructor wishing to deepen their understanding of the issues that women face, from pre and post natal and diastasis recti issues to pelvic floor and menopause.”

    Ingrid, Australia
  • “This is one of the few courses where I have walked away energized and with a greater understanding of the subject.”

    Lorelei, Sydney
  • “I learned so much more about the birth process than I ever knew, even though I had given birth myself. Thank you for your passion.”

    Sandy, California
  • “This course has been one of the most inspiring and informative courses I have taken.”

    Sarah, New York