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Join over 3000 Pilates, Fitness and Yoga teachers in 41 countries enjoying the groundbreaking, cutting-edge information that is truly making the changes necessary for restorative movement for women’s health.

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Carolyne Anthony has been developing a curriculum for women’s health for nearly three decades and has achieved successful results in restoring the female body through every stage of her life. This work uncovers the misconception of exercising intensely to achieve results and offers a preventative, restorative alternative that truly meets the needs of the female exerciser.

Women's Health and Fitness Certification
  • develop deep understanding of female anatomy and physiology, both from a musculoskeletal and fascial position and hormonal viewpoint.
  • learn to design exercise programs that adapt to the changes that the female body goes through in every stage of her life from puberty through childbirth, menopause and beyond.
  • help your female clients decrease dysfunction in their bodies when the course information is fully embodied in your teaching practice.

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These holistic programs will prepare the pregnant body for the birth of her child and then gently repair the body after the birth itself. The programs are designed to adapt to the changes in anatomy and physiology of the pregnant and postpartum mother from a physical, emotional and mental perspective.


Our Menopause program offers concepts that will enhance the changes a woman is going through by focusing on the positive effects the shift in hormones has on the mature woman. These concepts follow the idea of MORE – More Organic movement, more Resistance training, more Endurance.

Diastasis Recti Recovery

Our highly successful DR program follows a chronological history that lays the foundation of why this condition occurs in the first place. From there we offer tried and true techniques involving breathwork, myofascial release and restorative exercises for recovery.

Women’s Health and Exercise Certification

Based on modular learning the full Women’s Health and Exercise Certification will take you through a journey into women’s health from pregnancy to the golden years. The course is formatted to layer the information from foundation to embodiment resulting in a methodical system of health and exercise applicable to women’s bodies in all stages of her life.

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Online Curriculum Designed with YOU in Mind

We understand that life is busy and stressful but continuing your education is important to you. We make it easy for you to learn at your own pace with our modular system of learning. Whichever track you choose you will be able to:

  • Have access to your course for 2 years
  • Never have to re-certify
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Free listing in the Teachers Directory
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Meet Carolyne Anthony,

Founder of the Center for Women’s Fitness

Carolyne’s journey into women’s health began with her first pregnancy. Dismayed at the lack of information available she began researching ways to fulfill her needs both during her pregnancy and postpartum period.

Her women’s health courses have developed from her own experiences with the changes that take place throughout a woman’s life and how, with the correct education, women can have a positive experience and prevent dysfunction within their bodies.

Carolyne has worked beside doctors, midwives, childbirth educators, physical therapists and has pursued advanced education in anatomy and physiology as well as myofascial release. She combines her years of movement teaching experience with different modalities to offer a truly holistic program in women’s health. 

“It was a privilege to have taken the course with you. Already, I have used the cueing methods on 2 clients. I have also taken the initiative to ask one of my post-natal client today about her birthing journey and she was so open and excited to share with me. It struck me that usually nobody asks them about it as more attention is focused on the baby.”

Gemahl, Singapore

“THANK YOU for this awe inspiring experience.  I can confidently say that I feel and see a marked difference in my physical being in less than a week.  That renewed awareness of and connection to the pelvic floor is certainly a game changer for me.”

Nadine, Jamaica

“I learned so much more about the birth process than I ever knew, even though I had given birth myself. Thank you for your passion.”

Sandy, California

“This is one of the few courses where I have walked away energized and with a greater understanding of the subject.”

Lorelei, Sydney

“I would highly recommend Carolyne’s courses to any instructor wishing to deepen their understanding of the issues that women face, from pre and post natal and diastasis recti issues to pelvic floor and menopause.”

Ingrid, Australia

“Carolyne Anthony has been one of my main mentors in Women’s Health since my Pilates Teacher training. She has amazing knowledge on women’s health and continues to grow and develop her research. I love her great attention to detail.”

Michele, Australia

“Thanks again for the fantastic information. The combination of anatomical information coupled with psychological and emotional antidotes from you and all the other participants made for a very powerful, possibly life changing, three days.”

Charles, Paris

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I walked away with a new perspective on working the pelvic floor in myself and my clients.”

Eileen, Chicago

“This course has been one of the most inspiring and informative courses I have taken.”

Sarah, New York

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