Pre and Postnatal Pilates Equipment

Preferred pre requisite- Pre and Postnatal Mat Theory and Practical, Support your Floor, Rocking and Rolling to Release

Course Description

This course offers the certified Pilates Instructor a repertoire of safe and beneficial exercises on the Reformer and Cadillac. The exercises build from the information in Support your Floor, Rocking and Rolling to Release as well as the Pre and Postnatal Mat Theory and Practical.

Continuing education credits

8 NPCP– National Pilates Certification Program
3.5 PAA– Pilates Alliance Australasia

Course objectives

  • This course will establish safe practices on the Pilates Reformer, Chair and Cadillac.
  • This course will show you progressions from the foundation of pelvis and pelvic floor.
  • Innovative and well thought out movement that will aid in the preparation for birth and the recovery after the birth.
  • This course will offer information on the reason behind the development of the exercises and how they benefit the pre and postnatal client.

Course outline


  • The lecture part for this course is included in the Pre and Postnatal Mat Theory and Practical and is highly recommended as a pre requisite for this course.


  • Safe and beneficial exercises are shown on the Cadillac, Chair and Reformer.

Requirements for Specialist Track

  • Live or online coursework
  • 1 self-assessment video
  • 10 hours self practice log (log book included)
  • 10 hours teaching log (log book included)
  • 1 teaching video


Online Course
Includes manuals,
6-hr recorded course

with Carolyne Anthony
USD450 /400 with faculty
This includes 2 manuals.