The Center’s 1 day 6 hour Pelvic floor course will inform the end user on the anatomy and movement of the pelvic floor during all stages of life.

Course description

This course will offer an in depth look at the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor, its application to movement and the breath and will discuss the reasons for dysfunction and how many of these problems can be prevented. Our approach contains both the scientific evidenced based research and the more holistic viewpoint of this most intimate part of the female body. This course is a pre requisite for all of the courses in our curriculum. It forms the foundation from which we have built all our other courses.

This course is available online and in-person.

Course objectives

  • To understand the anatomy of the female pelvis and pelvic floor
  • To understand the function of the pelvic floor muscles, the fascial connections and the surrounding muscle groups
  • To understand the change that occurs during puberty, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and menopause
  • To understand dysfunction in the pelvic area to include SI Joint and pelvic floor dysfunction and pubis symphasis derangement.
  • To understand the importance of correct movement and breath to activate the pelvic floor
  • To understand the role of the breath in pelvic floor activation and rehabilitation
  • To understand the impact of the fascial connections through the pelvis

Course Outline


  • Anatomy of the pelvic floor including fascial connections
  • The use of bony cuing to activate the pelvic floor
  • The respiratory system and the connection to the pelvic floor
  • Muscle groups and fascia that support the pelvis
  • Dysfunction of the pelvis and pelvic floor
  • Pubis Symphasis Derangement
  • Breathing and the Pelvic Floor


  • The Formula
  • Releasing fascia- techniques for release
  • Realigning muscles- exercise design to help realignment
  • Strengthening- exercises for building strength
  • Incorporating pelvic floor in exercise design

Continuing Education Credits

PMA – Pilates Method Alliance – 10
– American Council on Exercise – 0.70
– Pilates Alliance Australasia – 3 PDP


Online Course USD275. Includes one manual, 7 lectures and practical exercises.

In-person USD350. This includes one manual and two balls.