The Mentorship program is open to current and postgraduates of The Center’s courses. It is conducted online via Zoom.

You may select a Faculty (when available) member to work with either online or in person at their studio. Currently all mentorship programs are with Carolyne Anthony

Each module can be taken separately. However, if you wish to complete a specialist certification, you are required to go through a mentorship program.

You are required to attend 8 sessions of a mentorship program. These sessions can be taken at anytime. They are offered twice a month.

Mentorship Program Details

USD40 per session

includes one and a half hour sessions

Each session consists of:
45 mins of mat and/or equipment work
45 mins of Q&A

Requirements for Specialty Certifications

  • For current students, a minimum of 8 sessions attended per specialist track is required.
  • For graduates, mentorship programs are available as needed.

Current Faculty Offering Mentorship

Carolyne Anthony

Find current Mentorship Program offerings. Contact the faculty member directly to sign up for sessions.