Mentorship/Coaching Program Details

The Mentorship/Coaching program is open to current and postgraduates of The Center’s courses. It is conducted online via Zoom and is currently taught by Carolyne Anthony in Chicago.

Consultation/ Coaching

(90 min)

This session is for Pilates or Fitness instructors looking to discuss an issue regarding a client’s progress, or who need some coaching on finding the best movement practice for yourself or your clients.

Private Movement Session

(90 min)

Book a private individualized workout session with Carolyne Anthony. You will find the best movement practice for your body to help you deal with specific women’s health issues.

Individual Mentorship

(90 min)

For teachers in our Women’s Health Certifications, this individual Mentorship session will allow you to ask your specific questions and be taken through a short routine of your choice to integrate the work.

Group Mentorship

(90 min)

If you have colleagues going through our teacher training programs you may elect to book a group mentorship session.

Current Faculty Offering Mentorship

Carolyne Anthony