The Center Method Pilates Certification

Clear. Concise. Effective

The Center for Women’s Fitness has been certifying Pilates and Fitness Professionals in Women’s Health for over 25 years and have succeeded in changing their views on movement and the human body. We have now taken this one step further and are launching our very own Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certification.

Built upon combined experience and intention – this course is developed for teachers by teachers

  •  with Pilates certifications from various internationally established Pilates schools
  • with a sound knowledge base, and years of teaching experience in both individual and group contexts
  • who have invested heavily in their own learning and enriched and deepened their knowledge base with other disciplines, both within movement and outside of it
  • who recognize the value of collaboration and sharing. This course draws from the varied experiences of its developers, and is thoughtfully put together with the aspiring teacher in mind, with the intention of creating an environment that nurtures growth

This Program

  • Gives you a deeper understanding of the human body, guiding you through how its systems function together, providing you with context for movement
  • Delivers a system of exercises in a clear and concise manner, and organized for your easy and progressive learning
  • Uses 3D visual aids application in our Anatomy  & Physiology module to assist in your learning
  • Teaches you techniques to guide your clients in getting the most and best out of their unique bodies
  • Makes you a thinking teacher and provides you with the necessary tools to design programs for your client’s body
  • Provides you with a supportive and collaborative environment in which to explore and learn

Why should you consider this course?

  • Niche and small group, with special attention to teaching skills
  • Continuing learning support from course developer

Our Faculty

Our Faculty are trained in:

  • Pilates
  • Fitness
  • Women’s Health
  • Gyrotonic ®
  • Gyrokinesis ®

  • Scoliosis
  • Body Therapy

Lead Curriculum Developer and Senior Faculty

Anatomy and Physiology-  Curriculum Developer and Senior Faculty

Senior Faculty and Curriculum Developer

The Center Method Pilates Certification Framework

Anatomy & Physiology


Learn the fundamentals of the skeletal  structure & muscle function. 

Pilates Foundation

Introduction to the history and  principles of the Pilates method. 

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Mat Certification Overview

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
  • The Axial Skeleton – Spine

This course covers the fundamentals of the skeletal structure & muscle function. Upon completion, the participant will be able to integrate this knowledge with principles of exercise & movement.

Duration: 8 hours (online)

Pilates Foundation

Prerequisite: Anatomy & Physiology

  • Pilates Principles
  • Pre Pilates exercises
  • Postural Analysis

This course includes an introduction to the history and principles of the Pilates method. It is a foundation course designed to train and equip instructors with the necessary skills and knowledge in assessment, problem solving, program design and exercise modification to cater to the specific requirements of different client populations.

Duration: 8 hours

Mat Modules

Mat 1

Prerequisite: Foundation

  • Beginner Exercises
  • Intermediate Exercises
  • Designing and teaching group classes

This course includes beginner and intermediate level exercises, modifications, variations, benefits.

Duration: 16 hours

Mat 2

Prerequisite: Mat 1

  • Intermediate Exercises
  • Advanced Exercises

This course includes the remaining intermediate level Mat exercises, and advanced level Mat exercises. This program will teach the progressive skills required to master advanced level exercises.

Duration: 16 hours


Prerequisite: Mat 1 & 2

  • Preliminary mentoring – 12 hours
  • Recording and submission of 8 exercises under each movement category for demonstration and teaching
  • Submission of class plans
  • Self practice – 50 hrs
  • Teaching – 100 hrs

Upon completion of mandatory mentoring, the mentor will advise on the additional
mentoring hours required.


Prerequisite: Mentoring

  • Written exam
  • Practical exam

For the practical exam, a video recording will be submitted to TCFWF for certification.

Mat Pilates Course Hours

Anatomy & Physiology Online8
Pilates Principles8
Mat 116
Mat 216
Mandatory Mentoring12
Recommended Mentoring30 to 50
Self practice50
Practice teaching100
Case Plan and other assignments6 (approximated)

Mat Pilates Certification Fees

Course fee of  USD1,800.00 does not  include costs for  mentoring and exams