The Center’s 1 day 8 hour Rocking and Rolling to Release course aims to help the end user feel release through the fascial, bony and muscular system.

Course Description

This course will take the instructor or client through a series of body positions combined with rocking movement that will activate the body’s innate sense of fascial and muscular release as well as incorporate bone rhythms. Techniques using a myofascial ball are included

This course uses specific body positions coupled with gentle rocking movement to facilitate the release. A semi hard ball is used to further enhance the release by adding pressure. A softer ball is also used to help support the body as well as to aid in the rocking

Course Objectives

  • To create an understanding of release in the body through movement sequences and positions
  • To understand the role of fascia in relation to bone and muscle
  • To understand tension free movement and breath and its effect on the body
  • To understand our primal need to rock
  • To understand how to implement this movement into class design

Course Outline


  • Overview of the fascial lines and fascial body
  • Primal movement- circles, spirals and oppositional movement
  • The difference between muscle activation and joint movement from the viewpoint of release
  • Understanding the connection between mobility and stability in release work


  • Standing work
  • Sitting work
  • Side lying work
  • Supine work
  • Prone work

There are two components to the course:

  • Rocking– this part uses just the body in specific positions using rocking movement of the bones to encourage muscular and fascial release throughout the body.
  • Rolling– will use a semi hard and soft ball to aid in the release.

Rocking and Rolling will use the balls in specific body positions to encourage full release through movement.
All practical sequences utilize the bones, muscles and fascia at one and the same time.
The practical sessions will teach you pace, breathing, focus and relaxation to further enhance the release of the body.

All practical sequences are designed to be integrated within your current workout session.

Continuing Education Credits

ACE – American Council on Exercise – 0.70
PMA– Plates Method Alliance- 7
– Pilates Alliance Australasia – 4 PDP
This course fulfills 1 requirement for The Women’s Health and Exercise Specialist Certification™


Online Course
Includes one manual,
8-hr recorded course

This includes one manual and two balls.