The Center’s 8 hour Rocking and Rolling to Release course aims to help the end user feel release through the fascial, bony and muscular system.

Course Description

This course is the introductory level to our myofascial release techniques. It uses the body plus small balls to release fascia and muscles with gentle rocking and rolling movements. This allows for a non-aggressive hands-off approach to releasing restrictions throughout the body. The program is divided into sequences with the body placed in specific positions to facilitate mobility, stability and eventually release. These sequences are easily integrated into a mat class, allowing the client to experience release along with strengthening the body. The easy to learn, fast acting techniques are simple enough for your client to practice at home.

The rocking movements are defined as moving the body functionally either with a ball or using movement. The movements begin with a body position that will encourage a release of any restrictions coupled with a rhythmical breath. Each rocking sequence can be made more dynamic with stronger movements and a more forceful breath, however, all movements are created without tension, with no alignment cues to follow and no forced range of motion required. This is a starting point for your clients’ body to take the lead in unwinding the restriction. Using breath, pace and flow, we will endeavor to activate the body’s innate sense of moving freely through space.

The rolling is designed to utilize the pressure of balls to facilitate release. The balls used in this course have different textures. One is semi hard and the other is a soft inflatable ball. Throughout the program these balls can be used interchangeably to offer pressure, support and movement.

Course Objectives

  • To create an understanding of release in the body through movement sequences and positions
  • To understand the role of fascia in relation to bone and muscle
  • To understand tension free movement and breath and its effect on the body
  • To understand our primal need to rock
  • To understand how to implement this movement into class design

Course Outline


  • Overview of the fascial lines and fascial body
  • Primal movement- circles, spirals and oppositional movement
  • The difference between muscle activation and joint movement from the viewpoint of release
  • Understanding the connection between mobility and stability in release work


  • Standing work
  • Sitting work
  • Side lying work
  • Supine work
  • Prone work
  • All practical sequences are designed to be integrated within your current workout session.

Continuing Education Credits

ACE – American Council on Exercise – 0.70
PMA– Plates Method Alliance- 7
– Pilates Alliance Australasia – 4 PDP
This course fulfills 1 requirement for The Women’s Health and Exercise Specialist Certification™


Online Course
Includes one manual,
8-hr recorded course

This includes one manual and two balls.