Amanda Howard



Amanda is a mama to three kids, a dancer, a nature lover, and a classically trained Pilates Instructor teaching in Nashville, TN. She believes that Pilates is for everyone regardless of your background and that Pilates can help during pregnancy, after pregnancy, with injury prevention, sports, daily activities, and overall health. She loves guiding women in all phases of life as we learn how to navigate and understand each new change that our bodies make.

She enjoys working with all populations but has especially grown to love working with mamas in all stages of mama-hood. As a mother, she understands that “getting your pre-baby body back” isn’t going to happen. However, what CAN happen is that through Pilates, we can find strength again in a different body and can heal from the inside out.

Amanda received my 750 hour comprehensive certification from Frog Temple Pilates in Chicago, IL under the direction of Randi Whitman (Pilates Center in Boulder, CO graduate). She is a faculty member and a Pre and Post-Natal Pilates Specialist™ through The Center for Women’s Fitness founded by Carolyne Anthony.

Amanda teaches The Center Method, a program created by Carolyne Anthony from The Center for Women’s Fitness. This program is designed to help women heal Diastasis Recti and to ensure the prevention of a recurrence of DR. To find out more about this program and other women’s health programs click HERE. Amanda has also completed the Support your Floor, Rocking and Rolling to Release, Menopause on the mat, and the Pre/Postnatal Certification programs through the Center for Women’s Fitness.