Ana Caodozo

Ana Cardozo


With a background in Arts Education, Ana is a movement professional spanning two decades of extensive Pilates teaching experience. First introduced to the method while training as a classical dancer in the 90’s, began her training with Pilates Institute, MK Pilates and VP Educacion Continua, progressively building from Mat to Studio. Later on, continued with West Coast Pilates, addressing Scoliosis, Senior Mat & Core Band for Arthritis and Osteoporosis.

Understanding the human body as an integrated whole, her comprehensive studies include credentials in different techniques, methods and disciplines, such as: Stretching Global Actif (R.P.G applied to sports), Anatomy of Movement, Yoga, Shiatsu and Kinesiotape, among others.

Meeting Carolyne and discovering her holistic approach to women´s health was a turning point. Within the same year, after obtaining the Pre &Post Natal Pilates Specialist Certification, she completed the Birth Doula training and became an active member at Uruguay’s national referral Women’s and Pediatric Hospital’s Community Based Doula Program.


She is the creator of the following series and workshops, aiming towards the artist-athlete’s wellbeing, enhanced performance, and injury prevention:

.   Anatomy Applied to Dance Series: Tango on biomechanics-clef. A specific syllabus for its incipient development in the formal educational system.

.   Ballet on biomechanics-clef: promoting teachers’ updating, student’s self-care and awareness through a detailed breakdown of classical dance’s gesture.

.   WOD Recovery: Yoga for Functional Athletes: an active recovery program for high intensity training, facilitating recovery.

.   Stretching Global Actif applied to classical dancers: a proprioceptive inhibition based technique, evolved from Françoise Mézières’ findings. Tailored to insist on muscle chains implied in the specific gesture.


She is honored to join The Center For Women’s Fitness as faculty and proud to be among such incredible inspiring women.