Anne Bishop

Senior Faculty


Anne Bishop teaches the connection between the body and the brain through Pilates. She taught anatomy at San Francisco State University and teaches Pilates, Pilates Teacher Training with Pilates Academy International, anatomy, biomechanics and posture nationally and internationally. Her teaching is rooted in enhancing students’ body awareness. Anne aligns her teaching not only with anatomical and biomechanical principles but also with how the brain learns and perceives movement.

During her master’s program in Mind, Brain and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education she developed Body Brain Connect. An organization dedicated to bridging the fields of neuroscience research with movement practice. Currently, Anne is secretary on the Research Committee for the Pilates Method Alliance. And she continues to strive to create reciprocal communication between research and practice.

Her Pilates teaching focus meets students and teachers where they are physically and emotionally. Anne began her own Pilates practice due to a back injury. She fell in love not just with Pilates but also with teaching people. Anne has extensive experience working with students and teachers with injuries, chronic pain and focuses on moving her clients to feel confident in their bodies again. Anne first took Carolyne Anthony’s course in 2007. Fast forward almost 10 years and Anne gave birth to two children within 18 months. The Center for Women’s Fitness and Carolyne were instrumental in giving her body confidence to prepare for birth and recover well afterwards. She is excited to continue to share this knowledge with future Pilates and fitness teachers as they help women prepare for this new chapter in their lives. An informed and healthy woman reaps numerous benefits for herself and her family.