Audrey Stella D’cotta


Audrey Stella D’cotta is a dedicated movement educator, celebrated for her transformative journey from the corporate realm to becoming a luminary in Pilates and the GYROTONIC® method. Her odyssey began as a client grappling with back pain and scoliosis, igniting an impassioned commitment to Mind-Body Fitness and catalyzing her transition to the instruction sphere in 2003.

Having earned her certifications as a movement instructor, Audrey’s career flourished through freelance engagements at prestigious Pilates studios like Ivana Daniell Pilates Studio, Focus Pilates, and Sky Pilates in Singapore. In 2009, she established The Moving Body, drawing from over a decade of diverse movement expertise spanning Fitness, Functional training, Pilates, and the Gyrotonic method.

Audrey’s steadfast dedication to her clients’ well-being stems from her profound understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and the mind-body connection in movement. Her fervent focus, however, lies in Women’s health—an area where she leverages her experience and knowledge. As a mother of two, Audrey’s commitment to this domain extends beyond personal experience; she continually refines her skills as a certified Women’s Health Specialist with The Center for Women’s Fitness (TCFWF), a globally recognized institution offering comprehensive exercise programs and teacher training aimed at empowering women through life’s stages.

Since 2005, Audrey has immersed herself in TCFWF’s teachings, specializing in pelvic floor health, Pre and post-pregnancy care, Rectus Diastasis recovery, and Menopause. Her expertise was acknowledged in 2023 when she was appointed a faculty member at TCFWF, entrusted with teaching their women’s health programs. In her pursuit of continuous growth, Audrey avidly learns from global movement experts, tirelessly expanding her skill set to share invaluable insights with fellow instructors.

Audrey’s extensive affiliations and qualifications distinguish her as a trailblazer in her field. Spearheading Singapore’s exclusive Balanced Body Pilates training center, obtaining Level 2 Franklin Method educator certification in 2022, and becoming Singapore’s inaugural Master trainer for the Gyrotonic method in 2023 solidifies her standing. Currently pursuing her Gyrokinesis Master trainer apprenticeship and continuous training to teach Women’s Health programs for TCFWF, Audrey steadfastly champions advancement in her field.