Lee Hyun Jung


South Korea

Hyun Jung Lee founded Epilates Center in 2004 and has served as the Director since then. She is one of the early members who rooted for Pilates in South Korea. Hyun Jung Lee has been a true pioneer of Pilates in Korea. She became the first PMA Certified Pilates instructor of Korea in 2006. She joined the as a Balanced Body Master Instructor in 2010 and has been recognized as a master of Pilates, Anatomy in 3D, CoreAlign, MOTR, and Bodhi since 2011. She became a Pre-Post Natal Pilates Specialist Faculty member for The Center for Women’s Fitness in 2014 also Master of Myofascial Releases Techniques for Movement instructors TM, Pilates for Menopause TM, Pelvic Floor health and Dysfunction, The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery too. Major is pedagogy and her passion for understanding the movement of the body began at 5 years old in her father’s martial arts studio. This love for movement soon led her into dancing, and she served as a dance instructor beginning in 1992. A severe back injury prompted her discovery of Pilates and a new career path also passion about helping client’s pain, Hyun Jung Lee’s warm and energetic teaching style has inspired students for over two decades. She has striven to awaken in each student an understanding of their body, their health, and a strong passion for movement. Her aim has always been for her clients and students to feel better, look better, and achieve fully functional movement using the Pilates, Anatomy in 3D, CoreAlign, MOTR, and Bodhi methods and she would like to share and teach the programs for women that have lots of challenge during women’s life, pregnancy, and menopause.