Lynette Lee



Lynette comes from a family of athletes and is a dedicated mother of two. She was introduced to Pilates after childbirth as a way of gaining relief from recurring lower back pain.  Upon her recovery and by now convinced of its effectiveness as a way to achieving balanced physical wellbeing, she decided to pursue a career in Pilates. Lynette has been teaching since 2009 and continues to improve on her skills through on going education.  Lynette’s interest is the human body and has a keen interest on how to optimise their physical state as we age, creating a strong and healthy body free of pain and restrictions.

Lynette holds complete certification in Pilates from Balanced Body University; and has also been trained and certified in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and other specialised courses ie. Diastasis Recti, Rocking and Rolling to Release by The Center for Women’s Fitness. She is also a certified Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic trainer.