Lynn Lee



Lynn Lee, the co-founder of EC Pilates(launched in 2012), began her career as an exercise teacher in 2003 as a yoga teacher. Helping clients improve their physical problems and achieve better performance through exercise has always been the goal of Lynn.

In order to better help her clients, Lynn began to learn pilates in 2009. In 2013, she passed the Certification examination of the International Pilates Technology Alliance (PMA) and became a certified instructor. She is the first Chinese in mainland China to get this certification. However, she did not stop there. In the same year, she officially entered the American Polaris System to study. After three years, she completed the three courses of Mat, Reformer and Studio and obtained the certification. She became a Polaris Educator in 2018.

In addition to studying pilates, Lynn is also actively involved in different sports learning systems.

Since 2014, Lynn has been studying with Ms. Carolyne Anthony, the founder of The Center for Women’s Fitness for a certified course on women’s Pilates during pre and postnatal, and got the certificate. After five years of continuous learning and practice, Lynn finally introduced the courses to South China in 2019, helping more Chinese women through scientific sports to successfully go through the special stages of pregnancy, perinatal and menopause, and gain a strong body and perfect life experience.

Professional Career & Education

  1. Founder & Head Instructor – EC Pilates
  2. Certificate Teacher & Educator(Mat, Reformer, Comprehensive) – Polestar Pilates
  3. Certificate teacher – Franklin Method Pelvic Power、Flexible spine、Liberated Shoulder & Natural Breathing.
  4. Certificate Pre/post natal Instructor and Faculty – The Center for Women’s Fitness
  5. Certificate Instructor – PMA