Marcia Brenner



Marcia Brenner discovered Pilates after a stress fracture sidelined her running, and it was love at first class. Having taught Creative Writing in academia for fifteen years, she found Pilates to be both fundamental to brain and body development, and was curious about learning it from a teaching perspective. She completed a comprehensive training program with all mat and apparatus with Randi Whitman in early 2009, and completed her Pre/Postnatal Specialist Certificate with Carolyne Anthony in 2010. In 2017 Marcia became a fulltime Pilates and fitness instructor. She has supported clients through almost five hundred births and postnatal recoveries—many through multiple births—and is passionate about educating clients on their every-changing bodies and supporting them to achieve their fitness goals. Marcia has a wealth of experience with diastasis recti; c-sections; hysterectomy; pelvic floor dysfunctions; partial and radical mastectomies; breast reconstruction and augmentation recovery; hypermobility syndromes; spinal stenosis; osteoporosis; rheumatoid arthritis; spondylitis; she has worked with clients with a history of miscarriage, and with clients undergoing chemotherapy. She is a recommended service provider by Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Northwestern Hospital’s Women’s Health Physical Therapy Group, and many other Chicagoland area physical therapists. Marcia’s teaching style is warm and humorous, and she is adept at using verbal, visual, aural and tactile cueing to help clients connect more deeply with their bodies.  An avid commuter cyclist, she lives with her fiancé and two black cats in Albany Park.