Yvonne Hsi

Senior Faculty

China and Hong Kong

Yvonne grew up on competitive team sports in US and UK. Field hockey, lacrosse and running were eventually substituted with boxing, teaching group exercise and long hours of architectural work. A combination of old and new sports injuries, and detrimental work related postures finally led her to discover Pilates.

Pilates rehabilitation sessions helped Yvonne simultaneously recover and strengthen rapidly. As a result, her keen interest in Pilates was ignited as she wanted to learn more and share the benefits with everyone. Subsequently, she got her certification in Polestar Mat and Allegro and this was shortly followed by full training in Studio series. In union with the experience gained from teaching Yoga and Gyrotonic®, Yvonne is able to offer clients and students the benefits of the three complementary principles as an instructor, mentor and educator.

As Yvonne’s range of clientele expanded, she started teaching prenatal Pilates equipped with just 2 books from Carolyne Anthony and the experience shared within the group prenatal classes. Seeing that the books themselves were just the beginning of a rewarding discipline, she ultimately took Carolyne’s prenatal course and has never looked back.

Yvonne loves to share any and all fitness knowledge and watch her clients walk away from her classes with satisfaction and a huge sense of achievement. Blessed to have the chance to open a small studio which provides Pilates, Gyrotonic® and Yoga, Yvonne also is extremely thankful to be part of the faculty of the Center for Women’s Fitness where she plans to continue to share Carolyne’s inspirational teaching.