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This certification is a module-based program set at your own pace. This basic women’s health certification will inform the instructor with the knowledge base to teach clients through the more common issues pertaining to women’s health.

Course Description

The Women’s Health and Exercise Certification™ consists of pre-requisites and modules taught by Faculty and Adjunct Faculty on many different aspects of Women’s Health and Exercise.

Each module may be taken separately with a certificate of completion presented at the end of the course. You may choose to certify in only one aspect of women’s health (e.g Pre/post-natal Pilates).

Pre-Requisites for the basic certification

Support your Floor™– available online or in-person

Rocking and Rolling to Release ™

Women’s Health and Exercise Specialist Certification

Module 1. Pre/postnatal Health and Exercise Specialist™
Module 2: Exercise through Menopause ™
Module 3: The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™– available online and in-person
Module 4: Buff Bones® with Rebekah Rotstein- available onlinettt
Module 5: Pink Ribbon Program by Doreen Puglisi- available online

Women’s Health Pilates Specialist Certification

Module 1. Pre/postnatal Pilates Specialist™
Module 2: Pilates for Menopause ™
Module 3: The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™– available online
Module 4: Buff Bones® with Rebekah Rotstein- available online
Module 5: Pink Ribbon Program™ by Doreen Puglisi- available online

Certification outline

Each module has it own outline and objectives and prices. Potential candidates are encouraged to read each course description and check the course calendar for listings of live courses. Some of the modules are offered online.

The pre requisite for ALL courses is Support your Floor- Pelvic Floor Health and Rocking and Rolling to Release. The information in these courses lays the foundation for all other courses in the certification. Each program will build from the one before. You are encouraged to do the courses in the order of the module number, though it is not mandatory.

Price for all courses and certifications – download PDF

Discount for Buff Bones– apply – CWFbones75 – save $75

Discount for The Pink Ribbon Program – apply – Save100CAWHE – save $100

Once all modules are completed, participants will be awarded a Women’s Health and Exercise or Women’s Health Pilates Specialist Certificate. Participants will also be issued a seal.

Women’s Health and Exercise Advanced Certification ™

Module 7: Pilates for MS™ with Mariska Breland
Module 8: Pregnancy and Scoliosis with Dr. Suzanne Martin
Module 9: Emotions, Body Awareness and Pain with Anne Bishop

Course description

This follow on certification from the specialist certification, will steer the participant towards a deeper knowledge of the less common issues that impact women at any stage of life.

Faculty from The Center for Women’s Fitness will join Adjunct Faculty to teach all the modules.