Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Yes, it is both safe AND beneficial to exercise during your pregnancy. What type of exercise you do is dependent on what type of birth you are choosing to have. If you just want to remain fit and strong during your pregnancy and don’t have a birth plan as such, any moderate exercise like swimming, walking, your regular gym class and light weight lifting will be just fine.

If, however, you have decided to have a natural birth (one with the least amount of interference) whether at home of in the hospital, there are certain exercises that will prepare your body for the birth. Our program The Gentle Birth Workout is specifically designed to target areas in the growing pregnant body to keep it supple and relaxed in preparation for the birth.

So, no exercise is wrong as such. It just depends on what you want. And most importantly, you have to feel comfortable doing it. Listen your body and stop if you feel unsure of the exercise or even the person giving it to you.