We teach fitness of the body, mind and spirit

The Center for Women’s Fitness was founded by Carolyne Anthony in 1994 as way to get fit, stay active and connect with other women as a stay at home mom. She focused on fitness, pilates, ballet and more in her small basement studio, all the while listening to the stories of the women she was serving. The stories of gym intimidation and the challenges of staying fit while pregnant inspired the creation of the Prenatal Pilates program that has grown into the international teacher training program we offer today.

All of The Center’s programs are developed to address the physiological changes that happen throughout a woman’s life. Our exercise programs are designed to support these changes instead of fighting them, and focus on movements that prepare women for childbirth, recovery, and the fitness challenges and opportunities as we age. As women, we have many gifts. We cannot separate the physical body from our other subtle bodies.

Today, we offer programs and teacher trainings around the world that help women balance their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through all stages of life. We believe you can be fit and strong at 20 years old, and fitter and stronger at 60 years old.