Birthing / Stability Ball


The Gentle Birth Project Birthing ball to use in your prenatal workouts and during labor. This shopping cart is for domestic (US) orders only. Please contact us for international orders.



Why are our Birthing/Fitness balls the best?

Because they come straight from the Italian manufacturer Ledraplastic Inc. that invented the well known Fit-Ball. The Gymnic Plus Ball which we sell, represents the technical evolution of the Gymnic Classic. Besides the usual features of elasticity and performance, this version provides  higher safety in case of puncture thanks to the Burst Resistant Quality material. For this reason it is a perfect tool for all applications in fitness, physical therapy, active seating.  Many women use the birthing ball in preparation for labor  as well as during the birth itself. The stability ball is used in many exercises of the Center for Women’s Fitness courses.