Pre and Postnatal Health and Exercise Specialist Certification™

To complete this certification participants must attend Support your Floor™

The Center’s 1 Day 8 hour Pre and Postnatal Health and Exercise course is part of the module based certification that informs the instructor on best practices needed to guide this population during exercise.

Course Description

This course is the flagship course that started The Center’s teacher training courses. With over 25 years in the business of transforming how teachers look at the pre and postnatal client, we are proud to be the leading pre and postnatal program for Pilates worldwide

You will be introduced to a different way of looking at female anatomy and physiology and the changes that occur during pregnancy, birth and beyond. You will learn our “method” of program design for this population that will truly addresses their needs and requirements for safe, beneficial exercise. This course will show you how to “Prepare the Body” and “Repair the Body” during pregnancy and the postnatal period.   

Course Objectives

  • To understand the anatomy of the female pelvis and pelvic floor and the role they play during pregnancy and the postnatal period
  • To understand the musculoskeletal system of the female body in general and pregnancy/postnatal in particular
  • To understand the changes in physiology of the female during pregnancy and postpartum
  • To understand the intimate relationship of the body to the breath and how to use the breath for birth, relaxation alignment and rehabilitation in the postnatal period
  • To understand the adaptations and alignment of posture in the pregnant and postnatal body
  • To understand the importance of storytelling in the healing of birth trauma
  • To understand the prevention and/or the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, diastasis recti, C section and PSD
  • To understand how to use the information to design beneficial and safe exercises for this population

Course Outline


  • The philosophy of The Center’s program
  • The anatomy and physiology of the pregnant/postnatal client
  • The pelvis and pelvic floor during pregnancy/postnatal
  • Breathing and its effects on the abdominals and pelvic floor. Breathing for rehabilitation. Breathing for relaxation and alignment.
  • The postural changes of the pregnant/postnatal client
  • The postnatal period and appropriate exercise design
  • Program design for this population


  • Exercises for breathing and relaxation
  • Exercises for the pelvic floor
  • Learning specific exercise sequences for breathing and pelvic floor
  • Implementing breathing and pelvic floor exercises into your regular class design
  • First trimester group exercise mat class
  • Second trimester group exercise mat class to include ball and therabands.
  • Third trimester group exercise mat class to include relaxation and visualization and partner stretching

Continuing Education Units

ACE – American Council on Exercise – 2.20 (includes Pelvic Floor Course)


USD400 Mat only. This includes 2 manuals