Top 3 myths (and truths) about training pregnant clients

There’s a lot of contradictory information out there about exercising during pregnancy. Today I want to clear up some of the most common myths so you can train your prenatal clients with confidence.

Myth #1: pregnant women cannot work their abdominals because it will hurt the baby.

Working the abdominals will not hurt your baby. However, the abdominals naturally become more supple to accommodate a growing uterus. Over recruiting the abs may prevent the pelvis from moving into an anterior tilt. That pelvic tilt is beneficial and a normal posture change during pregnancy, so we don’t want to inhibit that. Help your pregnant clients by integrating the whole body while exercising, using ease of movement and flow as the basis. Normal breathing, myofascial releases, and functional exercises are the “core” concepts.

Myth #2: working your core during pregnancy will create a diastasis recti.

Pregnancy does not cause an abdominal separation, or Diastasis Recti. Neither does working your core during pregnancy. A Diastasis Recti is an injury to the abdominal wall that is a result of a dysfunction through the fascial and muscular systems. It is created over time. There are many causes for an abdominal separation. (The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery program covers all of this and more.)

Myth #3: pregnant women should not strength train.

Your pregnant client can do whatever feels comfortable for her. If this means strength training, support that. Her strength gains however, may differ from her non-pregnant state.