Your Pelvic Floor is just fine

When I was seeking more information regarding the pelvic floor many, many years ago (Yes, I’m an old cranky woman now who needs to retire) I felt overwhelmed by the insistence that my pelvic floor would fail me during times of great need such as pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.

I kept waiting for the signs of pelvic floor dysfunction and was ready with my kegels and “pulling up my pelvic floor”.

I’m still waiting.

What I have learned over the years is that in order to maintain a healthy, functioning pelvic floor, I needed to do whole body movement, integrated with the breath and myofascial release.

I learned not to isolate the pelvic floor. Not to assume that birthing caused problems and that certain exercises would ruin it. That menopause was a death sentence when it came to incontinence and sex.

I learned that the pelvic floor is a postural muscle and that if it was weak I would not be standing up and walking.

I learned how it worked within the body as part of a system.

And now I teach you how to stay functional without fancy exercises and breath patterns. I teach you to know that you are JUST FINE and that the different stages of our lives is NOT the reason our bodies fall part. I teach you not to be afraid and to understand the amazingness of the female body and it’s incredible adaptability to any change.

It’s what makes us women.