A Pilates Journey

I am back. Not that anyone except my cat noticed. Now he will get fed again.

I went to Australia to teach.

I was lucky flying to Sydney this time. That dreaded middle seat remained empty and I was able to fold myself up into a pretzel and managed to sleep (sort of) for seven out of the 15 hour flight. Little did I know though, that while we were up in the heavens, Sydney airport had once again closed because of the volcanic ash. It made me think that the world could disappear and we wouldn’t know until we tried to land.

I took a short (12 hour) nap and was up bright and early Friday morning (3 a.m)ready to teach. That first day teaching with chronic jetlag is very amusing.

I spent one weekend in Sydney, teaching the Pelvic Floor workshop and the prenatal course plus the new Master’s program. All went well. (At least I think so, no one complained).

Then I headed to Melbourne to teach a four hour Diastasis course. Then up to the Sunshine Coast where my wonderlust eldest daughter had managed to stop for a few weeks, long enough for me to see her. It was tough to leave her.

This is all I saw of Melbourne!

Then back to Sydney for the final round of postnatal and menopause courses.

Sydney never fails to impress me. I have been going to Leeon and Shaw Pilates Studio for 6 years now. I feel like one of the family. I love the way Brad and Ingrid train their teachers and the very positive atmosphere of the studio. They asked if I could teach a myofascial release class for their “staff day” on Friday afternoon. This was one of the best times I have had teaching.

Staff day turned out to be all the staff plus any children they had. It was a riot.We had kids flinging themselves off the cadillac. Doing flips over the barrels and jumping on the balls. It may sound like they were disruptive and rude. But the total opposite is true. They were so comfortable in that environment. The older ones watched the younger ones and nobody hurt themselves. They tried some of what I was teaching but mostly just had a great time. The teachers took it all in their stride and managed to listen and practice what I was teaching. It was just plain FUN. And how wonderful for the kids to be so incorporated into their mother’s lives.

After two weeks away, I was ready to head back to Michigan. As has become my tradition, I get to the airport with lots of time for breakfast. I look forward to this amazing Mango/Coconut Bread, toasted, with butter on the side. My once a year treat!

And this year an unexpected treat- upgraded to business class ALL the way to Detroit- LIFE IS GOOD!





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