On the Menu Today

I liken doing Pilates to having a good meal.

I know you know what I’m talking about. There are some places that teach pilates like Mcdonalds (no offense, people like Mcdonalds). I arrive, I get “worked out” and then I leave…..usually with a sense that something was missing. My body isn’t digesting this right and I feel sluggish and slow after all the fast track ingredients of the class.

Now what I do like is some nice surroundings, maybe a little light music to set the tone. Soothing decor and fine furniture (Balanced Body maybe?). I like the waiters to be dressed professionally (Lucy, Lululemon) and the service to be impeccable (Basi, Polestar, Stott, the list goes on).

Then I can really get down to the business at hand. I like to take my time over the appetisers (pre-pilates) teasing my palate and getting those digestive juices going. Breathe a little to make room for more.

What’s next? The main course. Before I start, I want to experience the visual, look at the colors and texture before the first bite and then to feel and taste all the flavors of the roll up and one hundreds. Letting them mingle in my body,experiencing and feeling them in my muscles. Another breath, sighing with pleasure as as my body opens to the movement.

Then a sip of fine wine….. a stretch that releases, allowing my body to receive the deliciousness of the moment, childs pose, mermaid, ahhhhhh!

And then dessert……..do I have the room? Can I do more? Oh yes, because now the flavors are different, sweet and comforting, bringing the meal to an end.

And then the big sigh, the fulfillment, the glow of feeling satisfied.

Now THAT was a good Pilates class.

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