Health and Exercise for Menopause Specialist™ Certification


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Modules included:

  • Rocking and Rolling to Release™-for all myofascial release techniques used throughout the program
  • Support your Floor™- pelvic floor training for health
  • Pilates/Health and Exercise for Menopause Mat Theory and Practical- the theory behind the curated exercises for this stage of life

The Health and Exercise for Menopause Specialist Certification Will:

  • Allow you to guide your client through release techniques that will help with restrictions and tension created by the aging process. Conditions such as kyphosis, hip stiffness and loss of flexibility can be helped with the myofascial releases in the Rocking and Rolling to Release™ course. The rocking in this course aids in hydrating the fascial system and helps lessen the stiffness and tension created by the loss of the female hormones.
  • Support your Floor™ – our Pelvic Floor course takes you through the anatomy and physiology of the PF and informs you of the normal functioning of a healthy pelvic floor. This gives you a reference point to understand the issues that a menopausal woman may experience during this time of change. By educating you on the role of the pelvic floor during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, we hope to show you how these events may lay the foundation of dysfunction that is exacerbated during the menopausal years rather than menopause being the culprit.
  • Health and Exercise/Pilates during Menopause™ Mat Theory and Practical will layer the information from the previous two modules and build on the exercises to become relevant to the changing menopausal body. The mat exercises will inform you on how to alleviate some of the challenges facing this population and how to improve the strength and flexibility of the client.
Health and Exercise for Menopause Specialist™ Certification