The Women’s Health and Exercise Certification™



Modules included:

  • Rocking and Rolling to Release™
  • Support your Floor™
  • Pre and Postnatal Mat Theory and Practical
  • Menopause Mat Theory and Practical
  • The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™

You will learn and understand the material from:

The Female Anatomical Standpoint

  • A fresh and more perceptive understanding of the female skeletal system.
  • That from a different skeletal form comes a different attachment of muscles and hence a different way of creating functional movement.
  • The effect of the female hormone system on the musculoskeletal and fascial system and how this affects exercise.

The Female  Physiological Standpoint

  • How the female hormone system changes during puberty, pregnancy, postpartum, the childbearing years, perimenopause, menopause, and the senior years.
  • How the hormonal fluctuations have an effect on the connective tissue at different stages of the female lifespan.
  • The impact of stress on the female hormonal system.
  • How the effects of these hormones on the muscles and skeleton and fascial system determine the program design through the different stages of her life.

The Female   Emotional and Mental Standpoint

  •  A new vocabulary for teaching women that empowers, listens and educates. This will entail looking at shameful, judgmental, biased vocabulary and replacing it with more empowering, positive and supportive vocabulary.
  • The unique role of the female hormones in the emotional and mental bodies and learning a more holistic approach to working with the physical body
  • How to integrate the hormonal, musculoskeletal and fascial systems – a whole body solution for ease and function through every stage of life.
The Women’s Health and Exercise Certification™