Exercise through Menopause Specialist Certification™

The Center’s 2-day 8-hour Exercise through Menopause Certification is a one day group exercise
program designed to facilitate the needs of the menopausal client.

Pre requisite: Rocking and Rolling to Release, Support your Floor

Course description

This course is designed to look at the causes and symptoms of menopause and to gain a new vision of how to train a more mature woman as she adapts to yet another change in her female life. Rather than seeing these changes as negative, this course will show you physiological, physically, emotionally and mentally, why life can only get better.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the female anatomy and physiology during menopause
  • To understand how the anatomical and physiological changes affect the physical body
  • To understand the adaptations needed for exercise during this time
  • To understand the benefits and strengths of the menopausal years
  • To see the positive changes and how the body responds to a change in program design
  • To understand the concepts behind the program that support the process

Course Outline


  • The causes, symptoms and effects of menopause
  • The physiological and anatomical changes of the maturing female body
  • Changing your perspective on the process of menopause
  • Exercise concepts that enhance program design
  • Dealing with Kyphosis, bone loss and joint pain


  • Implementing the exercise concepts into various environments
  • Designing programs that include brain teasers, weight bearing and balance exercises
  • Enjoying innovative and creative choreography on the Mat
  • Enjoying innovative and creative choreography on the Cadillac, Reformer and Chair (option for Pilates instructors)
  • Adding Props to the program design

Continuing Education Credits

ACE – American Council on Exercise – 0.80

This course fulfills one requirement for The Women’s Health and Exercise Specialist Certification/The Women’s Health Pilates Certification™

Course Fees & Registration

USD400 includes one manual