That’s MY vagina, thank you.

There is just SO much happening today regarding women’s rights and advocacy, that it is all becoming a bit of a jumble. I personally believe Mitt Romney has done us women a favour by forcing us to stand together against him.

But this is just the beginning. The tip of the iceberg, the calm before the storm. All those cliches, all the wasted time. What were we thinking (or not thinking?)Maybe it was too dark inside those blinders oops,sorry I meant binders.

Seriously though, we women have to start to be brave enough to stand alone, stand up for what each of us, the individual, believes in and not worry about anyone else.I promise you, once you do that, you will find other women walking beside you,on the true path of feminism. One that is based in knowledge and education and correct information, PLUS intuition, instinct and love, lots of it!. All it takes is that one step. if a fourteen year old can do it, so can we all.

My work is so closely linked to childbirth,a momentous occasion in any woman’s life. I teach women about their pelvic floors and how it functions before,during and after childbirth and also for the rest of their lives. It has always amazed me how little women know about this,the deepest, most intimate part of themselves. I am shocked how few women have explored themselves”down there”. I am even more concerned now that I have moved home to Malaysia, that my Muslim friends tell me it is a SIN to touch themselves. WHAT??? WHO SAID SO?????

Oh, that’s right. A man. Out of what I can only guess is fear and illiteracy or some word I have yet to learn, men have decided that we should know nothing about ourselves and that we should leave that up to them to figure out. SHAME ON US!

This control has never been more apparent to me than during our childbearing years. How many of you have let your male gynecologist stick his fingers and his nose up your vagina, every month during your pregnancy and then proceed to “tell” you that everything “looks” great? How many times have you stuck your own fingers up your vagina and explored a little. How did THAT make you feel?? (pretty damn good, I bet). Are we so detached from our vaginas that we need someone else to assure us it’s there? How many of you, once you have given birth to your child, feel that “something” is not quite right with the world? How many of you recognize the fact that the journey to becoming a mother isn’t just about birthing the baby but birthing YOU as a woman and that it is your responsibility to know all you can know about being a woman.

It is having the courage to stand up in a male dominated world and say:-

ENOUGH! that’s MY vagina thank you! And I will take care of it.I will ONLY share it with whom I choose (male or female) and I will cherish it and guard it and honor it all the days of my life.

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