Travelling Pilates

I travel a lot to teach my courses. Today I am getting ready to leave for Australia. I am packing my two suitcases full of manuals and books and …. my pelvis and pelvic floor model! I wonder what customs think?

Going to Australia at this time of the year requires packing my winter clothes even though it is 90 degrees here in Michigan. It’s hard to think of what I will need. One year I didn’t think and ended up in Sydney with my flip flops and no jacket. Not to worry though as the Aussies think 66 degrees is cold! They should winter in Michigan.

This year I have added a new studio to my itinerary and I will fly from Sydney to the Gold Coast before then heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to teach Anatomy in Clay.

Did I also mention I have 4 skeletons with me?  So I have to pack summer clothes for Malaysia. It is getting confusing!

I love teaching in Australia. I have been there for the past five years now. The teachers are higly trained and exceptional good at what they do. I always book into sessions and I believe I learn more from them then they do from me. This year I will train two lovely teachers Ingrid Shaw from Leeon and Shaw in Sydney and Shanina Connell from Robina to become faculty for The Center. Though this is exciting, I am a little sad to think I may not be travelling to Australia to teach much longer.

Oh well, I guess there’s London in September and Kuala Lumpur in December and………:) life is good!


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