A tale of a camel and a straw

One day, a camel’s back was broken by a piece of straw. The camel was stunned and confused. How did this happen? she asked. Her recovery was slow and painful as she wondered at the absurdity of it all. How could a piece of straw cause me so much damage? she asked, over and over. But she healed, as most things do.

The second time the straw broke her back, the camel was furious. What the heck? she said. What is going on here? How can this happen again? What did I do to deserve this? She was full of anger. Her back healed but it continued to hurt and every time she felt that pain, she became angry at the straw.

One day, the camel saw the straw floating towards her and she turned and ran for her life. No! she screamed, You won’t do that to me again! I have had enough of you and the pain you cause me! On she ran. Until she couldn’t run anymore. When she looked behind her, the straw was gone. She had run so far away that she now had to settle in a new place.

Her back began to feel better, only a twinge now and again to remind her of what she had been through. Her life went back to normal  and she was happy.

But on a particularly windy day, the straw flew back into her life. At first, she panicked and started to run but she was older now and the thought of running away was too much for her. So she turned to the straw and asked- What is it you want with me? The straw looked at her in amazement and said- Nothing. I don’t even know who you are! I am just floating by!

After that the camel never feared a piece of straw again but just watched when the wind blew and acknowledged all the pieces of straw that were churned up and knew that it had nothing to do with her.

The pain in her back- well she found a good Pilates class and hasn’t been bothered by pain since.


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