Does Pilates make for a better sex life? (ladies only)

The question that has floated around for years now is whether  there are specific pelvic floor exercises that will improve your sex life and whether Pilates is the main source of these exercises. I have another question. For the ladies.

So ladies, what is it that you want? Better sex or better orgasm (or at the very least, one orgasm).

If you want just sex, then it really doesn’t matter if your pelvic floor is tight, toned, strong, weak, supple or functional. And if it is just sex that you want, then all you need is a penis. Preferably attached to a hot, ripped young man.


If you want the pleasure of an orgasm (or two or three….) then understanding the muscles in the superficial pelvic floor are what you need to know about. This area includes the erectile muscles that cause orgasms. The best exercise for orgasms is the pelvic tilt. The best position to be in while doing a pelvic tilt is up to you. What is more important is where the pressure is while doing the rocking movement of a pelvic tilt in any position you are comfortable in……….remember, for an orgasm, no pen is needed.(oops no space).

So is Pilates good for a better sex life? I’m not sure, unless you do a pelvic tilt while placing pressure on a certain spot while on the Reformer or Cadillac or Chair. Otherwise, I’m sure a gym, a bedroom, a kitchen table, wherever, will do just fine.

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