Aligning the pregnant and postpartum body through relaxation

During pregnancy, with the ever changing body, it becomes difficult to keep to a certain “normal” alignment. Our goal here is to allow the pregnant body to “relax” into its’ own natural alignment and to not force the pregnant or postpartum client to achieve something unnatural to their bodies at this time.

We achieve this relaxed state of alignment through breathing and releasing techniques at the beginning of every session.

Relaxing the muscles loosens their hold on the bones and this may allow the bones to realign according to the individual body. There is no “perfect” alignment, especially during pregnancy and postpartum when there are daily changes to the body.

Cuing alignment

After using the breath to create relaxation in the body begin using these cues for alignment.

In a supine position, as the body begins to relax, ask the client to “feel” the back of the head on the mat. This will position the head correctly.

Once again ask the client to loosen the neck. The release of tension may adjust the alignment of the neck.

Working down the body, ask the client to “feel” both shoulder blades on the mat.

Keep breathing and releasing in between to ensure the body is releasing.

Work your way down the body- release the back of the ribcage towards the mat. Don’t use cues that will force alignment.

“Feel” the back of the pelvis on the mat and then “feel” the soles of the feet on the mat.

Allow the client some space to relax into the alignment she has found for herself. The client will hopefully then have placed her body in HER own natural alignment.

Nine times out of ten, you will find that they have perfectly good alignment.

From this point, the session should maintain a sense of relaxation to ensure that the muscles are not working with tension. This will help keep the body in a good alignment.

This will also help the client take responsibility for her own body and how SHE is feeling rather than trying to accommodate your alignment cues, which may feel foreign to her changing body.

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