What’s in a name?

The Pilates world has always amused me when it comes to naming studios or programs. Sometimes I wish I had more imagination when it comes to naming my programs, books or new studio.

I started my company in 1994 with the name Body and Soul. Back then,people thought I was weird and “out there” and were surprised when they came to class to find a “normal” person teaching. Back then too, I wasn’t savvy enough to buy a domain name and when it came time to design a website, I found that the name Body and Soul was taken (big surprise). I was contacted by the person who had had the where with all to purchase the name (and I am sure he managed to buy several) and offered it to me for 20,000 dollars.

So then, faced with a name change I couldn’t come up with anything better than The Center for Women’s Fitness – it reflected my work with women and I wanted to be seen as a serious studio. (really? you should visit. It’s a laugh a minute) Over the years teachers have requested to come and work at “The Center” to observe how I teach and how I design my programs. I think the name is maybe on the fuddy duddy side.

Over the years though, I have learnt to purchase domain names for all of my programs, just in case. I now have diastasisrecovery,pilatesformenopause to name a couple. Long ago I also had therealwomanworkout.com I see it has now been taken. But it got me thinking once again about how to get my message across that I teach more than Pilates, I hope to inspire and empower women in their journey to accepting themselves as they are and to not live by society or anyone else’s image. So I began to play around with names.

With the aid of my daughter Melanie, via facebook, I tossed her some names. Now I KNOW I am old and out of touch with the younger generation.

Our facebook conversation:-

Hey Mel how about realwomenrealbodies
Melanies response- err- sounds kinda pornish
Me- realwomen.com?
Mel-real live women having real live orgasms! click here to enter!
still porn-ish
Me (still clueless)-ok you suggest something about empowering women to accept the body they’re in.
Mel-umm yourefatgetoverit.com
took a lot of time but i think we have reached a consensus.

I don’t think this next generation have ANY issues!! I LOVE my empowered, strong and articulate daughters!

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