Rocking and Rolling to Release™ – Online Course

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The Center’s Rocking and Rolling to Release 8 hour course is a prerequisite for all of the courses in our curriculum.

This course requires a Myofascial Release Ball and a Soft Gym Ball.

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8 hour prerequisite course offering the unique myofascial release techniques used throughout the modules for completion of The Women’s Health and Exercise Certification.

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3 reviews for Rocking and Rolling to Release™ – Online Course

  1. Zoe

    R and R to R really is R&R. Great sequence ideas!

  2. Juliette Savin (verified owner)

    The Rocking and Rolling to Release course provides a wealth of truly wonderful exercises that I now incorporate in all my Pilates classes. On top of mat exercises, Carolyne provides many great exercises on the Pilates apparatus, with in depth explanation of the benefits for each exercise. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of the fascia and the body in general by doing this course, I can never thank Carolyne enough.

  3. Marcia Brenner

    Rocking and Rolling to Release changed EVERYTHING for me. It’s the missing component in truly understanding how to achieve (and help your clients achieve) balance in your body, and what integrated, holistic movement can be.

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