A journey through our Menopause Course

What are your expectations for our Pilates for Menopause course?

Will you learn what menopause is? Yes.

Will you learn what the symptoms are? Of course!

You will learn all about the media’s version of Menopause and THEN, you will learn about Menopause from a totally different perspective.

The perspective of a post menopausal woman.After the trials and tribulations of my own menopause phase, I looked back and picked out the things that worked for me and let go of what didn’t. I will offer you my experiences and insights and if they resonate with you- that’s great. If they don’t? No worries. You may have found your own road to follow.

What I won’t teach you is to believe that this change is bad, that it will be something you have to suffer through, that your life is downhill from here. That your body will NEVER be great again.

This course will show you that you have the power and the choice to make THIS the best part of your life. That to have a body you like, you have to work smarter (yes, and harder and more often). The Pilates based exercises have been designed for the changing menopausal body and while they may be challenging, they are also fun to do!

Because, this part of your life IS fun- I promise you.

Now come and find out why 🙂

Pilates for Menopause on the Reformer

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