Activating your pelvic floor in activities of daily living

Are you getting tired of following the blogs and posts about the best exercises for your pelvic floor? Or have you been warned off your favorite exercise routine because it might damage/tighten/loosen your pelvic floor? Have you been sold on the poop stool?

Are you just plain tired of it all? Well I am.

The pelvic floor is connected to the rest of your body. It plays a part in making sure you can stand up, walk, run, poop, give birth, lift weights, dance, cough, sneeze, pee, make love, sit, climb, sleep, eat, breathe…………

If your pelvic floor is dysfunctional then you’d better look at the rest of your body too. No amount of squatting, squeezing, pulsing, bouncing, and in particular- sticking something up your vagina, will change the fact that perhaps the rest of your body could use some TLC as well.

So that really simple, basic formula of eating well, resting well, exercising moderately, being stress free and happy will work well for your pelvic floor with the side effect of working well for the rest of your body.

So here are some ADL (activities of daily living) that you could try for better health and function of the PF (pelvic floor)

  • Make love- this will activate both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers plus release oxytocin- the “love” hormone
  • And because you spent a few extra minutes this morning making love, you now have to run for the bus. This will work your whole body as well as that pelvic floor as it holds the bottom of your pelvis together, allowing your pelvis the freedom to move according to your stride. (in high heels even)
  • Now that you have your endorphins as well as that oxytocin flowing, you are feeling exhilarated and excited about life! Yay- no stress! This makes for a good working environment, where you may not want to sit slouched in front of that computer for hours but will find any excuse to get up and walk around- to the loo, (more PF work) to the water fountain (hydrate that PF) and back to the loo because you drank too much water. Getting up out of your chair involves the PF.
  • Did I mention that EVERY SINGLE TIME you breathe the PF breathes as well? Wow, you could just sit there and do nothing and it would still work because you’re not dead.
  • Do you need to reach something and have to climb that footstool? Yup, PF.
  • You’re going drinking and dancing after work? Well do some sexy hip movement, it’ll work that pelvic floor, drink that wine, it’ll make you pee, eat some good food and then go home.
  • And SLEEP- perhaps the best medicine of all. Good, solid, restful sleep comes about because you haven’t worried about your body or what it is supposed to do but have enjoyed your lovely active day and now you have happily gone to bed, to wake up refreshed and eager for more


Did I mention a trip to the gym in there? No? Nope didn’t think so.

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