Going backwards to move forward

You know how, as Pilates instructors we are always talking about getting back to basics, revisiting the roots, coming back to those first few exercises we all learned during our training?

Well I feel as though this has been happening to me. I started my professional life as a dancer. I had to move away from my home country and learn to live in a different culture and country. I then traveled through life as a fitness and pilates instructor before stepping away to learn all about birth and women and what their needs are and how to help.I based my whole company on the education of women and movement through all stages of their lives. It has been a magnificent journey.I have learned so much from so many different people on that journey, whether intentionally or not. I have been lucky.

And now I feel I have come full circle. I have come home- to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Deep breath 🙂 Peace and belonging. I have been home for close to 2 years now and I am amazed to see the circle closing.

I now teach Pilates to young ballet dancers. My heart fills to see their passion and dedication to their art. I love watching them try to roll like a ball or climb a tree. So much grace, so much hard work. They are enthusiastic,open and funny and they LOVE learning about how their bodies work and how they have the control over how to make it better. They love how strong they feel, how empowered. They can see and feel the difference in their dancing. I see my young self in them and wish I could do it over again but this time with all the knowledge I have gained.

But we all know that this is what life is about- learning and also what life is about –giving. And if I can make a difference in these young girl’s lives and their precious dance, then I am blessed with having found my life’s purpose.

Life is good (or did someone already trademark that phrase?)



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