What do we want from our workouts?

Well, just WHAT is your reason for working out? Be truthful now. Is it so you feel you can eat without guilt? Eating is a necessity though. Like breathing. Do we exercise so we can breathe more?

Last week there was a video out from Crossfit. It was titled Crossfit-do you pee during workouts? Now of course, everyone had a look. And of course there was a lot of outrage, particularly from the Pilates world. After all, we pride ourselves on creating functional movement that is great for the pelvic floor. And heaven forbid any of our clients should have to mop up their urine during their sessions. I don’t think that Tea Tree oil will quite hack it. Just before this video came out, there was a lot of sarcastic fuss about a video called Prancercise.

Mostly I let things go. Who am I to say what, where, how or with whom we should be exercising. I don’t really care what you do as long as you are doing it (Nike?). I do care though if your workout is WORKING FOR YOU.

Something tells me that Crossfit isn’t. Working that is. Especially for women. I have said it over and over again and I will keep saying it until the cows come home. Or the fat lady sings, whichever comes first. (please hurry up).


Not like men. Not like men on speed. Not like men in tight biking shorts. How come no one has criticized them for their camel toe? or what IS the male equivalent? A bulge?

The outrage about Crossfit, I feel, shouldn’t be about the shortcomings of our pelvic floors,you know, because we have given birth (apparently the number one reason for peeing during workouts). Never mind that our bodies are made to give birth vaginally and MAYBE there are other factors for the damage.

Our outrage should be that once again, here is a workout that most certainly DOES NOT WORK YOUR BODY OUT ACCORDING TO THE FEMALE ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY.

So why are so many women damaging themselves with workouts like this? Why are we so willing to hand over responsibility for our physical bodies to others? How many of those women really want to be peeing during their workouts? WHAT is it all for?

I have nothing against anyone working out the way they want. But, honestly? Having to wipe up your own urine during a workout would really ring all my alarm bells. What do you think?

I think Prancercise has a lot going for it.

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