When the Universe intervenes

Last month I flew to both Hong Kong and Eureka, California to conduct workshops. September has always been my Hong Kong trip and I have just started to add Eureka to the mix as my daughter is at Humboldt State University and it is a (relatively) straight 14 hour flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

Before leaving home I had mixed feelings. Something was not sitting right and I tossed between cancelling or trusting and going forward. I always choose trust 🙂

All was going smoothly in Hong Kong until the third out of 5 days when we were shut down due to Typhoon Usagi. I sat on the 19th floor of my hotel room listening to the wind and rain batter the side of the building. It was magnificent! Luckily we only missed a few hours of the course and we were able to catch up once the all clear was sounded.

During this time however, I was getting calls,emails and facebook messages to call home- Nana (my mother) was not well. With my heart sinking, I had to make a decision to either head back or move forward. Again, trusting that all is as it should be, I moved forward. No, I’m not heartless, I did make sure she was alright.

My flights to SFO and Eureka were uneventful with the expected inedible food on United and the extra small seat. Either that or I have gained some weight.

Eureka/Arcata in Northern California is a magical place. I believe it is a portal to another world. I always feel a sense of peace and tranquility while there, so I was really looking forward to my visit.

Susie Kidd is a Pilates instructor in Eureka who has been trying to get to one of my courses since 2005. Year after year things have stood in her path until this year when I said  would gladly teach a small, intimate course at her studio. We had a mix of students, Michael, an aspiring Midwife, Susie, a wonderful tattooed, purple haired person and then out of nowhere, an Australian Pilates instructor who lives in Las Vegas. She had quite the story to tell of her journey to get to Eureka from Las Vegas! A few of Susie’s clients were taking the pelvic floor workshop for their own education and we were all set. Or so we thought :). The manuals had arrived at the post office but when Susie went to pick them up, the box was empty! The books had fallen out en route. After much scrambling we had more FedEx’d and they arrived just in time the next morning.

It was beginning to look like a series of unfortunate events but my oh my, what was to come over the weekend made it all very clear to us WHY.

I don’t have the words to describe what went down but I know Michael does and when he is ready, I will share his blog. But here I found my Tribe. Here I found the true meaning of my message. Here I found the next step forward (with Amanda Moore a Maya Abdominal massage therapist) and here I found, unintentionally through my daughter, the last thread that was holding me to my past. What a gift I was given. What an honor to meet these people who had struggled to get to this small studio in the middle of Eureka and who made it MAGICAL!

I came home a changed person. I recognise now that what I was feeling before I left was this sense of a change coming and with all change, it wasn’t feeling comfortable. I would have missed so much if I had given into my fears instead of knowing that everything is as it should be. ALWAYS.


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