Diastasis Recti Recovery- What can you do?

Diastasis Recti (DR) is fast becoming an epidemic, not just during pregnancy and postpartum but with all populations. If you suffer from this condition, you know that there are many programs out there that promise results by using a set of exercises for a limited amount of time to rectify the problem.

Diastasis recti isn’t JUST about the separation of the rectus abdominus- the muscles we call the six pack. In my opinion, it is the end result of a dysfunction in both the fascial, muscular and respiratory systems and a program that heals this condition needs to address this. A good program will also take into account a person who is not a mover.

When you are dealing with this condition, it isn’t necessarily about finding the correct exercises to do to close the gap. It’s really about finding out WHY you have it in the first place and then learning new skills to help heal the condition and forever change the way you use your body.

I have been working with this condition for over 25 years and continually developing the program as new information and research becomes available. One of the key components of my program is it’s simplicity. If you don’t understand what you are supposed to be doing, then nothing will get better. Another component of this program is working with a qualified teacher. I don’t believe you can be given a set of exercises to do via an online course and expect to make a change. Every body is individual and my teachers are trained to look at you holistically and apply the program to YOUR body. This is how we get results.

The combination of fascial release, breathing techniques and simple restorative exercise forms the foundation of my program. Results are almost immediate and with consistency on your part- mostly permanent. This is because we re educate you on how to move correctly, what to change about your lifestyle to include nutrition and stress.

Photo courtesy of Aurelie Abel Pilates, Melbourne

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