What is DR? -a new series of blogs on diastasis recti

What is diastasis recti?

The literal translation of these words are- “diastasis”-separation and “recti”- which pertains to the rectus abdominus muscles. This is commonly known as your six pack.

When looking for or diagnosing a DR, most practitioners will look for a gap or a doming of the space between the gap. (See photos one and two)

A “gap” usually presents after the birth of a baby, while “doming” usually shows up when there is extra fat behind the muscles. Doming may happen during pregnancy or with men with a paunch. Body builders usually present with a gap, but with a strong toned muscular structure surrounding the gap- (photo 3)- yes, it’s Joseph Pilates showing how you can still exercise with a DR.

When should you worry about this condition?

If you experiencing any of the following, then steps should be taken to help rehabilitate.

– pelvic floor dysfunction
– SI joint discomfort
– Bloating of the abdominal area
– Loss of strength in the core muscles
– Pain

The list is endless and mostly individual but the emotional, mental and physical impact of this condition is real.

Coming up next- DR before and after pregnancy

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