The tipping point- the pelvic floor

You all know that point in time where you can bear all until you can’t bear it anymore? It’s called the tipping point. I added pelvic floor to the title to get your attention.

I hate writing blogs. I find them intrusive, opinionated and one sided. Where is the discussion, the other side to the story and most importantly, how dare I post them to everyone’s facebook or email? Call me old fashioned. I hate when these show up in my space. But today I will do that.


The tipping point for me  was one more blog on the pelvic floor.

To keep this simple and concise, here is my opinion. Remember, you can just delete this if you’re not interested. But just for old time’s sake, know that I have been invested in my pelvic floor (and everyone else’s) for a good long time and feel pretty qualified to say what I am going to say.

But more importantly, I am invested in empowering women and most of these points are aimed at blaming the woman for the failing of her body. Have you ever read a blog about the dysfunction of the male pelvic floor? Please send it along.

  1. Birth IS NOT damaging to the pelvic floor (medical intervention is) and should not be toted as the leading cause of pelvic floor dysfunction. We were made to give birth. Did you know that after a natural birth the pelvic floor will return to pre pregnancy shape? That is if the doctor hasn’t added an extra stitch for enhanced sexual pleasure. (Whose?)
  2. The pelvic floor is a postural muscle. If yours is really weak and not working, you WOULD NOT be able to stand up. Let alone walk into a Pilates studio or gym.
  3. A Kegel works ONLY the anal and urethral sphincter muscles. ONE SMALL PART OF A WHOLE.
  4. Deep squats ARE NOT the best pelvic floor exercise.
  5. Corefit is not the villain. Neither is any other exercise program. The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our exercise but in the WAY we do it. (loosely based on a quote from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare)
  6. The pelvic floor CANNOT cure prolapse of the bladder or uterus or rectum.
  7. Strong pelvic floors are not a guarantee of a great SEX life. The penis is encased in our vaginal walls (involuntary muscle) during sex and we cannot squeeze our pelvic floors around said penis. Orgasm is caused not by the act of penetration but by activation of the muscles in the uro genital triangle. My teachers know this- No PEN IS NEEDED! you figure that one out.
  8. Your pelvic floor works with every single other muscle in your body. It is one part of the orchestra that plays the symphony of your physical movement.
  9. And yes, you can store tension in your pelvic floor, your root chakra, your mula bandha- but then again, you can also store tension in your shoulders, face, stomach, butt, little finger, big toe………

I hope you get my (tipping) point

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  1. Thanks for this article – thought provoking! I feel like I need some context though. You definitely seem to be railing against something and while I, of course, wouldn’t want you to name names, may I ask what kind of articles prompted this response? Thanks so much!


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